This is a (Somewhat) Free Speech Zone

Post what you want as long as it’s legal. Nobody cares if you are offended, and we don’t generally care if you offend others. We do care if something posted here is illegal and appreciate reports of such activity.

All of this said, the admins may still remove your posts for any reason at all, including but not limited to search engine optimization. This is a public forum, and search engines index these discussions. If we feel a post will negatively impact our search engine indexing, we will delete it. We don’t want Google turning up posts of you abusing yourself when people search for BBAD. If you feel the removal of your posts is a violation of your free speech rights, we do not care.

It would also be good if you avoided posting plans to commit violent crimes or terrorist acts, as we will not only remove your posts, we will call the cops on you.

Please note that this site is not owned, operated or hosted by US entities or US persons and US law does not apply here. It amuses us that this bothers some of you.

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post any intellectual property that belongs to someone else without permission. We have not yet been victimized by the recent trend of multinational media empires destroying individuals who run small websites, but we have read enough about such corporate terrorism that we do not want to risk experiencing it. Yes, this is a form of capitulation to them. You may feel free to call them out in words on this site even though you’re not free to participate in intellectual property violations here.

Terms of Service

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