it’s just the cells in your eyes that react to red and green light
it’s the color of piss
it’s the color of cowardice
it’s the color of your shirt
it’s a stupid color

Yellow is also the colour of the sun, bananas, taxis, corn, lemons, omelettes, sponges, and pencils. And saffron finches which are everywhere in Medellín.

have you devolved so much?

Pencils aren’t a devolution. They are perhaps an anachronism. I do not miss them, but I can smell them in my mind, especially after recently sharpening one.

I got a yellow shirt similar to the one in your picture. But it has something on it. The Guyver Unit. I’ll get a picture sometime. I ordered a 3X but it is small for the size.

Don’t forget the spine.

I still use pencils at work. Just for one thing, which takes 3 hours.

it is derivative