Who is Q?


I do like the Motto: Where we go one, we go all! Especially since the breadcrumbs Q is giving are leading right into the Feast of Trumpets and Kushner is said to be preparing to announce a peace deal in mid-September. Censorship couldn’t come at a better time, right?!!!

Kushner is said to be preparing for his stint in prison. I don’t hold out much hope for middle east peace with the Israelis asserting themselves as the fourth reich.

It would be false anyway so I hope it doesn’t happen.

Which Kushner?

Q is always Quetzalcoatl from film trivia, even more so than 007…everyone should be able to know and pass that one.

Reggie what year are you in reference too? Are you still stuck on a much older and possibly ongoing rivalry?

That is kind of her style, loading up a certain group and crashing it on you and then making you speak for every individual. I don’t like this person because of this. That is not free speech. Maybe she needs to learn the difference.

Think lungs.

What did I say that bothers you?

I don’t have an IQ.