Who brings plastic wrist restraints to a revolution?

maybe a guy in a hoodie wearing a mask
should be hard to identify
unless a friend is held without bail
and gives up a little more than name rank and serial number

ever wonder if burma has zip ties?
me neither

Burma. That’s the place Biden is considering sanctions on isn’t it? Oh who cares. I dot even know where Burma is.

My father was born in Burma, although he was not racially Burmese. It is a stupid banana republic of no particular note. Yes, Biden is threatening sanctions. The Burmese don’t trade much with the US and won’t care at all.

I thought this guy was Burmese but is actually Colombian.

The giveaway

The real giveaway

What do you need zip ties for?

We’re gonna tie your hands behind your back first. And then…oh shoot my coffee is cold…brb

Why is Biden considering sanctions in the first place? They must be doing something right.

“Myanmar had been emerging from decades of strict military rule and international isolation that began in 1962,”

If this is an accurate statement, it seems like sanctions would hinder progress.

Feel free to show us a picture of your dad.

burmese military used “voter fraud” as the reason to have a coup
third world backwater or god letting out the air from trump’s tires?

No weapons were found. What kind of idiotic bunch of rednecks forget to take their guns to a coup.