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This is just stupid. I almost always cite my sources, and my sources tend not to be lunatic conspiracy websites. In this case, I was only noting one number, not quoting a sentence or paragraph, so I didn’t bother, but I’m happy to do so now that I’ve been asked.

Together, 59% of Maine people are either overweight or obese.

Direct from the government of Maine: https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/documents/obesity-maine-5-07.pdf

PS: No, typing “from wiki” is not citing a source.

Not near as stupid as your need to reply.

Nonsense. Asking for a source is usually reasonable. It was in this case and I was happy to provide a highly credible source that exactly corroborated my claim.

The American government? Last week it was owned by Israel. The week before that it was a shithole trump inherite…I mean created.

thank you donald for the meaningless statistic to support whatever idea you have today

Yes, that’s correct, Michele, the government of Maine is perhaps the most credible source available regarding the prevalence of obesity in Maine. That you do not see this is unsurprising given that you can’t discern the difference in credibility between the CDC or WHO and Epoch News.

This betrays such a total lack of understanding of basic mathematics and probabilities that I’m unsurprised at your finding it meaningless that 59% of people in your state are overweight or obese.

EDIT: Why am I arguing statistics with adult children? I think I’ll stop doing that for now.

There is no credibility between the CDC and the WHO. You couldn’t merge all their data together and make them credible.
The Epoch Times publishes quite credible information. For your reading pleasure I have provided one credible article as evidence but it’s negative news about the vaccine so you might want to hire someone to read it for you.

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