Wake up Thinking About It

It’s morning where you are and we’ve been busy. Milk the goats and curd the whey or whatever it is you guys do when your not fucking your sisters and answer our degrading insults.

shhh keep your voice down please! sundays are supposedly holy days of rest… lol

patience is a virtue… sometimes it takes me a few seconds or minutes to respond, sometimes a few years
if you think about it, then its likely you already know most answers to any questions you might have;)

I regret disrupting your holy day of rest. Were you in the middle of some ancient holy ritual or did I disturb your traditional Dutch chanting regime? I’m an old man now and cannot wait years for a response. Thank your for your semi-prompt response.

lol yes and welcome

Are you still rolling on the floor and speaking in tongues (or Dutch as we call it) or has your holy day ended?

uhm sure?
(edited to remove emoticon)

argh earned a bloody edited badge for doing that! lol

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You’re being ignored on purpose but you probably got the memo. I didn’t but you probably did.

The memos only go out to liberals, sorry.

who is ignoring who and for what reason?

who are all of you and what are you doing in my private chat with moonie!?

Nothing new but I’m happy you provide for liberals so they don’t have to spend their valuable time playing your stupid guessing games.

You are so put upon aren’t you Michele?

I don’t know? Am I? Did my tears sneak out and flood your phone?

a hug can dry all tears and my arms are still open…

if you still wont accept that i suggest a towel or that plunger we used to remove the cheese from regs ears…

(sigh) Always the gentleman.

I choose plunger.

Reg never could figure out which hole the cheese goes in.

lol ok good luck!

perhaps ageofgrace will have more luck… she has more options to choose from…