Who told him to keep his mouth shut or encouraged it?

that would be dr. fauci
reg posted a news snippet about it

ask hubby to show you the article

If you’re that interested, you should ask him.

while we are typing i-told-you-so

What was your prediction of the number it would kill in March of 2020 (the date of that quote), Bill? I agreed with the CDC and just about every expert on Earth back then that it would be under 60k. We all turned out to be wrong. What was your prediction back then, Bill?

i see your point now
how could i have been so blind?
my prediction was that a lot of old people were going to die
i made it january 2020
sorry i can’t provide footnotes or a quote
you can ask my friends,tho, reg,?((
say my name

You’re lying, Bill. And heckling, as usual.
Have you gotten every guess right in your life? I’m betting not.

I doubt you have any beyond the few you have here, and your woman of course. Go ahead and protest that we’re not your friends, now, Bill. Your behaviour has been totally predictable for many months. Why change now?

i am not lying
news reports were available in january 2020
are you calling me a liar?
of course you are
also, fuck you

You are lying by implying you predicted the outcome correctly. Yes, news reports were available. I followed them closely. Nobody credible was predicting millions of dead back then.


No thank you. Come on, Bill, post an original thought instead of reacting to the words of others here. You’ve done it before. You have it in you. Somewhere.

fuck you

yes. you said you have friends. Note to Reg - His wife doesn’t want to fuck him.

The Russians did a good job with their vaccine, and that’s driving all the Russia-haters crazy.

Time for humans to come together. I’m glad I don’t have so much hate where I root for a country’s vaccine to fail. Regardless of the country. I’m trying to think of my least favorite country. Probably Saudi Arabia or Russia. I hope their vaccine rollouts work.

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I dislike Putin but I don’t dislike Russia at all. I really like what I have seen of the Russian people, although I don’t pretend to know that country or its people well.

I totally dislike Saudi Arabia and all other theocracies. And by dislike, I mean I dislike their government, their people (at least the Wahhabis), their predominant religion, their religious-based legal system, and their land which is too hot and not green enough for my tastes. I don’t hate them nor do I want bad relations with them, but they’re not my thing at all.

A country? I don’t hate any countries. I hate right wingers. Ignorant slavish right wingers. fuck em all

Yeah, don’t you just hate those people.

There’s something we can all come together on.

I dislike kleptocrats.

Settle down. Your motive for a zoom meeting is showing.

yeah, best not to.

Yeah, I thought we settled that earlier but I appreciate you reminding me that you didn’t want to zoom meet. You know how I get things twisted.