U.S. Culture and Attitude

Jehovah witnesses are starting their door knocking again next week, after taking 2 years off. I don’t think the last one I talked to, knew I was an atheist or socialist lol.

I seem to be less patient now. I wonder how the “conversation” will go. I’ve met him twice. Depending on the day, I will most likely say, “no thanks,” and shut the door.

White guy named, Tyrell.

how rude of you, at least invite him in and offer him some blood soup and blood sausage…

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Is that even allowed for a white guy to be named Tyrell?

I haven’t had a JW door knocker since I owned a house back in 2000. It is another benefit of apartment life. It’s not all one-way though. I sometimes wish I had more storage space, and I’d love to be able to put up huge radio antennas.

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I lived in a condo from 2004 to 2018. I didn’t even know they still knocked until I moved lol.

Tough year for Texas. Probably the worst of any state.

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Biden approval rating up to 42%. Of course, some would vote for him even if they didn’t approve. It could keep climbing. He’s had some wins lately.

It really only matters for November. I don’t think he’ll run in 2024. Buttagieg will probably run.

Disgusting. What have you been reading!?!

Perhaps you are suffering from long covid.


Some people think some people are lying about long covid. It certainly is real, but they are probably both right. The age group of long covid is like age group 30 to 50. Basically the workaholic ages.

I believe it’s real, too. Who is lying and what they are lying to us about is anyone’s guess.