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I have to go in and charge my phone.

Sleep well. Good night, Will.

ok. better say good night then. Been fun.

It’s been pleasant.

Yes. Reg’s website said I was doing this too much and made me wait 59 seconds. Wait till i see him again…take care Michele.

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Do you think it was okay that I had an abortion? Reg…

I do.

I think it’s none of my business.

By the way Reg, I have a complaint. During a conversation last night, your website site shut me out for 59 seconds for too many posts. Please rectify this situation. I would also ask you to wake up an hour earlier to make sure bbad is up and running correctly by the time I get up. Thank you.

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I made it your business.

because it’s your right and your choice. I make no moral judgement.

Is it murder?

Not legally.

Have to get ready for dr’s appt.

That’s okay. Hope your appointment goes well.

First world problems.

I didn’t mean to dodge. I just think it’s none of my business. I don’t know your story. I don’t know what you were facing at the time. I don’t know what considerations you made or what options you had. I certainly don’t think less of you for having done it.

Not to me. Murder is just a word, anyway. We kill people all the time, indirectly and directly. Some of those killings are justified and some aren’t. Some are unavoidable and some aren’t. Some of the things we kill are human and some aren’t. Life is not black & white.

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Well it won’t be long before we’re third world. I’ll ask again then. Thank you for your kind consideration.

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If you found the first two pages repulsive and obscene and evil to its core, breathe, it’s over. My page three has been filled with Spiritual Guidance. Teaching me all sorts of wise things. Starting with this:

The reason you write chapters instead of pages is because you have a shorter life span to write about.

The Bible says that before you offer your gift at the alter, if there be any person you have strife with (paraphrasing) go and make peace, then come and give your gift at the alter. If Reg were a real friend he would post that Scripture, I know that I know he has already gone and looked up in his mind.

Last night, I spoke with my bff and tonight we are going to meet for our first real encounter in about 5 or 6 years.

Last night as I was beginning to write, I caught a glimpse of the POM and it was the face of a lion but the color of it was the color of this POM. I thought Reg changed the POM so I went to look at it but it was as it is. This morning I went on Twitter for about 2 minutes and one of the first things I saw was the lion on the POM.