Twins By Design

Then let’s talk politics.

Aww shit. thinks were going so well.

Religion? Lol

Stop it.

I can’t. I love what’s happening.

Lol. YOU are trouble.

My nickname growing up

Double Trouble

my cats name

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I have to go in and charge my phone.

Sleep well. Good night, Will.

ok. better say good night then. Been fun.

It’s been pleasant.

Yes. Reg’s website said I was doing this too much and made me wait 59 seconds. Wait till i see him again…take care Michele.

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Do you think it was okay that I had an abortion? Reg…

I do.

I think it’s none of my business.

By the way Reg, I have a complaint. During a conversation last night, your website site shut me out for 59 seconds for too many posts. Please rectify this situation. I would also ask you to wake up an hour earlier to make sure bbad is up and running correctly by the time I get up. Thank you.

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I made it your business.