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I don’t understand what Airbnb had to do with it.

I was answering an Airbnb question. That was the pause.


Do you know people on meth?

I knew one guy many years ago. Ruined him.

Just 1?

It is ravaging our youth.

yeah. A neighborhood kid that i stayed friends with till he got on meth. got paranoid, starting carrying a gun. Finally died.

How did he die?

Yeah, horrible problem. did you ever see the movie “Winters bone”?

Yes I think so.

I never could get answer from his family. Makes me think OD or suicide.

I need about ten minutes.

I haven’t seen that movie.

Why don’t you use your phone?

It’s about meth. but really well done.

That’s probably why I didn’t watch it.

cause I can’t smoke my phone.

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Go do your thing.

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