Trump outsmarted by Mexican laborers and Home Depot.

With a touch of brilliance and lower taxes.

Enjoy your fruitcake.

I hear it’s the aftershave, on loan.

Another orange Florida resident:

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Mmm mmm mmm! :zipper_mouth_face: Mmm mmm mmm!

A month-old, pre-impeachment fluff piece on Fox. How convincing! Trump must surely be innocent.

I’m glad you decided to open your mouth. Trump is innocent. Biden has been exposed for using American tax dollars to help son, Hunter, become wealthy. That really looks bad on Joe.

Biden is a crook so he is out.
Sanders is too old.
Warren lives in an alternate fictitious healthcare universe.

That’s leaves Pete, Kamala and surprise contender, Michael Bloomberg.

Then he should have no trouble proving it.

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Because that’s all they have. Let trump take the witness stand.

That’s an excellent idea. Do you think Adam Schiff would let him do that?

In a heartbeat. The republicans would never allow it.

If trump takes the stand I will buy you a bidet.

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Electrifying!!! She could probably beat Trump by at least 12 points.

I doubt that will happen. However, she DID win the popular vote last time.

The irony. Draft dodger trump at ceremony honoring veterans.

Donald Trump Relieved More 8,000 Veterans Affairs Employees Since He Took Office: Secretary

I can’t believe he can’t do more.

Did they Google translate that from Chinese? What does that even mean?

Look at the source Reg. The Epoch Times. Right wing propaganda.

The question is how many positions have been filled since then or is he just gutting the VA like he’s done to other depts.