I thought I knew every country in Europe. I was wrong. I had never heard of this.

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I had been told about it by an eastern Europe long-time traveller records. A pretty odd state.
I heard it is pretty pro-Russian similar to Crimea. I wonder why Russia didn’t annex it years ago, since they did it to crimea and the population of Transnistria might be even more pro-Russian than people from Crimea.

Best toilet in Russia.

Those guys are stereotypical as crazy.
Soviet charme, drunk Russians, rotten playgrounds, Commie bastards hanging everywhere…

Did I mention jewish involvement in creating the soviet union?
Lenin - Khazar jew
Trotzky - Khazar jew
Kommisars killing off ethnic Germans (including utterly peaceful and sheeplike Mennonites) invited by Catherine the great - mayority Khazar jews
Kommisars killing Zar family - your guess