lol, I love this. I don’t discriminate or anything but the Dutch are very bad people.

lol very nice

have to protest against 1 thing though, we won the tour de france 2 times!
jan janssen and joop zoetemelk!


When I was about 20 I was going down the highway to work behind a big old truck pulling a huge cargo trailer with rails completely full of watermelons and about 10 Mexican workers sitting on top when the tire blew and trailer tipped over. So when I got to work late the boss made a comment in front of everyone and I explained how the trailer flipped right in front of me and there were Mexicans and watermelons EVRYWHERE blocking the road and possibly needed help - and I’ve never been quite sure what was so funny about it but the guys were all laughing really hard while I told the story and I figured it might have been the vision that came to their head in the way I told it. I don’t know, maybe they were impressed with the drama in my explanation to the boss but they sure thought it was it funny.

what work did you perform behind the truck?
Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry of Farm Workers 2019
Percent White, not Hispanic 31
Percent Black, not Hispanic 3
Percent other, not Hispanic 2
Percent Hispanic: Mexican origin 57

yeah that’s funny when people fall out of a truck
how did you know where they were from?
did they tumble and roll like mexicans?
why did your parents raise an asshole?

This guy is great. And his other videos too.

I did not watch the State of the Union Address. Apparently, no one else did either.

Strange it it looks, I think she’s rubbing her last two nickels together lol.

Saw a video on FB that someone shared from Tiktoc about making some green beans in the air fryer.

I made them for dinner tonight. It was awesome. Highly recommend it. I don’t have any avacodo oil so I used some extra virgin olive oil.

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That looks really good to my amazement.

It was very good.

I’m almost tempted to buy an air fryer. I probably won’t though.

We finally did last Christmas. We’ve made a few things in it, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, tator-tots… all very very good. Now we’re trying more healthy (veggie) options.

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polls are like visiting relatives
and fish
all three start to stink after four years

I thought this was interesting. If true, all the men in Hollyweird are famous women.
Quite entertaining TikToks this morning.

Last one!
Who says TikTok isn’t educational.
I can’t remember if I posted this before but I would like to know if this is a man or woman.

Senate passes anti-lynching bill

i had no idea lynching was wrong

nor was i the onliest one

After more than a century of trying, Congress passes an anti-lynching bill

Lynching must be the punishment for treason.