There should be topic title that says lowerre blows dogs

i ain’t using reg’s hobby right


poor lowerre needs more attention

He may need more than attention by morning.

why don’t you quote him a few bible verses

Because thinki will come back and say, “Why don’t you speak from your heart instead of from something you copied and pasted to a thread?”

excellent impersonation (besides the capital w) lol
an even better suggestion would be to do both? copy and paste and speak from the heart as a bonus!?

Never satisfied.

how many cops died in the portland burning to the ground event? zero
there was that teenager with a gun(what could go wrong)that killed a protester.
so in a period that saw american cities burned to the ground:
trumpianistas 2
cops 1
if you think the cop that killed a woman cancels out the cop that was killed
burn it all down
ncaaf has alabama tied with ohio
i was 62 when i typed that

How many lives were destroyed when their business was burned to the ground?

Takes the focus off the purpose of the rio…I mean protests.

You’re so weird.

If Alabama didn’t win, I don’t care.

Happy belated birthday.

bhgdshg no nonsense now