The trouble with "Patriots"

Thus, the candidate who Moscow helped to win the 2016 election had four years later become the primary destructive force aimed at US democracy.

From Trump’s lies about a stolen second term to claims by some Republican governors that making it harder to vote makes an election more democratic, some Americans are already doing far more themselves to damage the US system than Moscow can.

How can it be a lie if it was stolen.:grin:

To claims that H.R. 1 will force online voter registration, duplicate names, ban Voter ID, risk hacking with online registration and fraud. This bill is being passed in order to take the next election.

Some are seeking re-election. They don’t care about damage. They don’t care about immigrants. They don’t care about your vote. They only care about hiding the truth, at all costs.

it wasn’t and you know it. You can’t possibly be THAT stupid.

Edit to add: After reading the rest of your post, I see I was wrong.

Well, I’m happy we can finally agree.

I can be just as stupid as you make me.

You are wrong. On that we agree!