The time has come

It was a particular incident. It had nothing to do with drinking, infidelity, domestic violence or any of the usual offenses. lt had to do with her narcissistic older sister who has dominated her other two sisters for a lifetime. I committed the unforgivable crime of calling her on her bullshit. You know how reticent I am to criticize anyone.

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Sorry about that, Will. I think I’ll go mind my own business.

Is that really unrecoverable?

I know I said I was going to mind my own business and you know it’s in my heart to do but I have no will to obey my heart because I’d like to know what you said to your wife’s sister. You know, if you wanna get it off your chest.

You would think it would be recoverable but she has dug her heals in. She says we can live as roommates but that she no longer loves me. She moved out of our bedroom. We are civil and I suppose I could just live on like this but there is always an undercurrent of resentment on both sides.

I don’t.

I would take that deal, myself. She might come around. If not, you have some time to figure things out at least. I burned the bridge with my woman’s family this year so I know some of the feeling.

Yeah. I’ve calmed down a lot.

She might too, soon.

She’s very stubborn (former prosecutor) and she latches on like a pitbull when she feels she’s been wronged.

Well, you obviously know her better than I do. Age usually makes people quite practical.

Oh, hey, no worries. I have no problem imagining the worst.

Be my guest.

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Dear Lord! You are a soul-crusher and the greatest of your kind. I know it’s foreign to you but an apology goes a long way.

I did apologize. It didn’t matter.

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No doubt, your words are, in fact, brutal and conceivably unforgivable at times.

It’s never good enough is it?

Not until it’s heartfelt. Good luck with that. All things are possible with G…miracles do happen. I would suggest you pray about it but if you spoke to the inner person in you the way you speak to others you disagree with, you might kill yourself with your own words.

I would hate to face old age alone, but I would hate to face it without my self respect more. If you spoke truth, then apologized for any hurt caused, if that’s not good enough then screw it.

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If he had kept his wagging tongue in his mouth, he wouldn’t be watching his wife walk away.