The Israel Lobby Targets Another 95 Year Old

The Mercedes?

Are you texting and driving?

No I am taking a break. Nah, we swapped cars with a friend because my bold thighs hahaha and because of other things. Gotta move on, the revolution never stops!!!

Haha! I’m assuming you are not texting but using voice command.

Danial, who is this captive you are using the Bible to justify her release?

I didn’t know it was a criminal offense to deny the holocaust.

If it’s the law, she broke it and should be made to complete the penalty for the offense. If you don’t like it, Lobby your government for a change in that law.

Welcome to Roman-Empire EU-Babylon. There is a too strong zionist lobby. Therefor we cannot lobby prisoners out but rather sneak em through holes in their crooked totalitarian deepstate laws…

Ps: you dont have to deny the entire holo**** to get in prison here. Just denouncing any of the golden calv aspects or not engaging hard enough in golden calv worshipping will reserve a neat prison cell next to abuelita Haverbeck for you.

Better to always use VPN over here and never write the whole word out…

Golden calv worshipping very strict in babylonial E U you must know. Then in prison there will be lots of time to rot and wait until some quote-unquote “Lobby” might be able to get you out. In the mean time you’d might consider overthinking the price of ones denial in golden calv worship after all.

You are aware that quote -unquote “the law” is made by the same people making the famous gay marriage laws these days opposing the bible 100percent, right?

They will call good evil and evil good…

Yesterday, I was in a hurry so I drove 75 MPH in a speed zone clearly marked 70 MPH. Was that wrong of me? Did I break the law? After all, it is a law that man made. I don’t feel I should adhere to all of man’s laws. Some are Babylonian to me and I feel that the only way around them is to be sneaky. If I get caught speeding, I also don’t think I should get a ticket for breaking man’s law. What do I care if I’m putting someone else in danger. It’s not like I’m breaking one of the 10 commandments, right!?

If your people rise up and are threatened or persecuted, they can always seek asylum here and they will receive it. Or you could do it the Democratic way and vote them out. I don’t really know what to tell you but I don’t believe using the Bible to justify freeing people from prison is the answer unless they were placed their because of Christ.

Ursula Haverbeck is a German hero, just like Rachel Corrie was an American hero.

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She isn’t my hero. I’ve never heard of her.

Wow! Sorry, Reg.

The exact nature of her death and the culpability of the bulldozer operator are disputed, with fellow ISM protestors saying that the Israeli soldier operating the bulldozer deliberately ran over Corrie, and Israeli eyewitnesses saying that it was an accident since the bulldozer operator could not see her.[10][11][12][13]

The Israeli army conducted an investigation, which concluded that the death was an accident, and that the driver of the bulldozer could not see Corrie due to limited visibility from his cab.

It’s unfair to assume she was run over when the investigation creates doubt. You assume he deliberately ran her over because you think no Israeli can do something accidentally. Everything is on purpose. It’s like with Trump. He creates the strongest economy in the world but no matter how great his leadership is, you will always find fault with him.
You are incredibly judge mental even tho you act like someone whose worldly views make you openminded.

Israel could open up a concentration camp and start gassing Palestinians with poison just like what happened to Jews in WW2 and you would make excuses for them. Oh wait…

Here are four eye witnesses to Rachel Corrie’s murder at the hands of Israeli gestapo. I don’t expect it to move you any. Your mind is not open to the possibility that you are wrong because you continue to foolishly believe that the nation state calling itself Israel is the same as Biblical Israel.

4 witnesses! That’s rich! I know 4 witnesses that have testified about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for 2000 years and you deny that but you want me to believe these 4 witnesses from 2009.

I actually do believe them and the bulldozer operator should be held accountable.

I also believe the article about the white phosphorus.
Who do you want to see held accountable for these crimes?

What do I keep saying that makes you believe that I think the nation state is biblical Israel?



We didn’t do it.
Abuelita Ursula still is imprisoned. “Die Rechte” failed to collect 0.6% of electoral share.
Well, many from the alt-right looked upon the campaign as a scam and cheap vote-bait to which “only the most mindless lunatics would fall for”. So depressing to hear such stuff from supposedly “allies”.
And almost everybody to the left of me wouldn’t vote, because the party itself is obviously purely white nationalist.
Well, with this kind of folx, all we can do is pray, donate and walk away from the world, walk away from the world, let it have its own way, let it have its own way…

They can imprison her body but not her mind.

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