The Fecking Holidays

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I love that guy. Youtube has seen me clicking all the links you post of him and now he fills my home screen on their site. lol.

I was watching several videos in a row until finally Angie couldn’t take his raging anymore. lol

I guess he and Kathleen split up. Now he works with his daughter. I think she’s pretty.

No doubt, she doesn’t seem like the kind of person that enjoys action.

there are actions that she enjoys.

Backgammon is not action packed unless you throw the board on the floor and stomp out of the room. Sounds like fun. You should try that with her.

We’ve come close before.

Well, don’t give up. You know what they say about practice and you compliment each other. You always seem inspired by Angie’s enthusiasm and she’s inspir…you compliment each other. You can be proud of all you have accomplished together and everyone knows she loves you much.

We often compliment each other and indeed complement each other.

Oh there’s a difference I didn’t recognise.

That’s unfortunate. Nothing lasts forever.

I’m eternally grateful for that.

can it read anything without shitting all over it?


i guess it can’t

Well good. That makes this conversation shorter for both of us.

isn’t that special?
it thinks it has conversations

That is special. It thinks that is how it works.