The Democratic Debates

Everything is racist these days. Who even knows what that really means anymore.

I’ll be glad when they narrow the field.

Reparations. Congressman O’Rourke is going to make it about race. We can trust him to be divisive.

I agree. I’m ready to see Warren and Harris debate each other.

No reparations!

It doesn’t matter that there won’t be reparations. Anything that shines a light on racially sensitive issues is going to stir the masses. Booker is stirring the pot.

If anyone should get reparations it is native americans.

Generational theft…

Native Americans are sovereign. They have been compensated and doing quit well financially. They also take care of their people. Hubbys daughter works for the Chickasha nation. Her son was injured and after the bills were paid, she received a check for 400$.

Only 3 candidates have a chance. Some of them are pretty similar.

Biden seems pretty liberal in regards to prison sentencing.

Biden seems engaged tonight but I can’t believe he will be in the final four.

Really? Hes 1st in the polls.

Is anyone fact-checking him?

Right so let’s cut to the chase. BTW thanks for joining in before I got another one of Reg’s warnings to stop hogging the conversation.

I know he is but I don’t know how he is holding that position.

Cory is all about love. He’s not going to get the angry vote.

Well he is. And hasn’t had to do practically anything.

Cory loves Cory and the African American community. Thats his Bernie Sanders parallel.

One would think you would question how he is able to hold that position instead of just excepting it as the way it is around here.

Harris: In a desperate moment, invoke Obama with a light hearted “yes we can”