The Coup

Will pretending to be honest make me like you? Because I really want to be more loving and compassionate, like you.

Myanmar security forces shot and killed at least eight people Wednesday, according to accounts on social media and local news reports, as authorities extended their lethal crackdown on protests against last month’s coup.

Imagine this as BLM protestors and there would have been bodies everywhere. It’s privilege exemplified and little wonder black people in America are fed up. They get killed for the slightest wrong move. These treasonous wretches took a proverbial dump on law-and-order for the whole world to see and not a one of them were shot dead in their tracks.


Additionally, they were allowed to freely walk away. I still get pissed watching the video.

I believe we are headed into some kind of right wing hell government.

Well, you guys are bloody depressing today. lol.

Well, I’m not happy about it. Generally not happy at all.

Well, I am an optimist of sorts. Of all the world’s problems, I don’t think a right wing neo-nazi government is in our near future, and I hope Matt is wrong that the stage was designed intentionally to look like a Norse rune. If either of you are right, I’m a lot more naive than I like to think, which is possible.

this is the only thing republicans are good for

It turns out the reason I haven’t gotten my stimulus check is that the Social Security Administration has not turned over to the IRS documentation that would allow IRS to release the funds. Naturally SSA is headed by trumpsters.

You just keep your eyes on the water there Old Timer.

the water?

The Suez Canal.

right. A right proper cock up that is.

This is going to get serious. There are ships bottlenecked in the canal with no way to turn around.

what should we do?

Watch the water


now we know why suez canal is plugged.