Televangelist asks followers for $54m to buy private jet


I quite like this guy. He is a scumbag who should probably be executed pro bono publico but I like his honesty about what your donations will go towards.


You are sounding very prejudiced again, Reg. You never now what the end-times war between satan, his share of the fallen angels and us will eventually bring.

You never know god’s ways. However, why doesn’t he fly with a regular airplane? Plane tickets aren’t that expensive these days. More clutter and dissipation just distracts oneself from the narrow path…better to avoid it. But since he is a man of god, he should know by himself, so I won’t judge him.


I used to watch Jesse Duplantis. This is disappointing to hear but good to know.


To the credit of Christians, the harshest criticism I’ve heard of this has come from other evangelists. This is nothing short of a disgrace.


The Christian community of Twelve Tribes once had an own ship.
But I guess they used it more “commonly” for the display of team spirit and craftsmanship.

But who knows what Mr. Jesse can do with his aircraft in the name of god. I don’t know it.


Those guys built a ship with their own hands. I have nothing but respect for them. This arschloch wants people to give him money to buy a jet. Not comparable.