Table 106


Chicken lol

I’ve had too much to drink. I just spent the evening in a tiny bar in my tiny town in the Andes. I don’t do this very often anymore. Perhaps I should.

We met some guy who works with my woman. He hates it and wants to move back to Medellin. The bartender was a really beautiful Venezolana who fled to Colombia for survival and has made a good life for herself in Mosquera but hopes to return to Venezuela one day. I really like these people. Right now sobriety seems overrated.

We are talking about moving to Cali and I really wonder if that’s a mistake. Life doesn’t get any better than it is right here in Mosquera.

I went to a tiny hotel bar last night. I like to watch people lol

Just for the record, “my woman” is how you say it in Spanish. Mi mujer. It is not meant disrespectfully. And to answer your question, she’s asleep.

I no longer think it’s a mistake to move after a good night’s sleep. There is limited time left. Might as well do everything and see everything if we can.

What makes you think there is limited time left?

I never considered “my woman” to be disrespectful but then, I didn’t call her “my woman” because that’s not what you usually call her. I actually prefer you call her “my woman.”

Or even by name!

Mi mujer “My wife”. That’s pretty!

I’m 53. I expect another 10 years of reasonable health. I hope for 20. I’m prepared to die tonight.

If you knew you were going to die tonight, what’s the last thing you would do?

Nothing dramatic. Go for a walk with Isa in the main park of our our tiny little town.

What would you do?

No smartass. Just got home from hospital. Will be happy to fight later on.

Shave! lol

Oh sweet! You brought your mood music. Looking forward to it!

What was the hospital trip for?

For about 2 days.


Ha! It’s good to be back.


You need to come out and play. Reg is hanging on your every word and clearly excited to hear from you today, as am I. lol