Stand Your Ground


A shot in his ass.


I get that it would’ve been ideal to wound and not kill, which is true in almost every case. That said, given that he did what he did and we have the facts that we have, there’s still no way I would charge this guy.


Would you revoke his placard?


The guy who shoved him of course could have stood in the line of fire between his family and told them to drive off. After shoving the guy he was turning away from his family, his wife and two toddlers.


I think it was a “boyfriend”.


It’s legal to shoot to stop a crime in progress. Not sure it would apply to your CPA.

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It was a death do part relationship.


I’ll say.


So you are familiar with that bar and you know the sheriff? :joy::joy::joy: I love your sheriff! How old are you, Wil?


I agree with the shootings. This guy seemed like an idiot. If I did that I would expect to get shot. Especially by an uber driver in Florida.

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If the old man was a cop he’d be all set.


The guy who was charged in this case has new problems. His lawyer might be a drug addict from the sounds of things.


Unrelated to this case, Florida just pass law allowing teachers to carry in the classroom. It is not required, thankfully.

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“The unidentified suspect sets the hatchet down on the counter before raising his hands in the air.” lolololol

It’s a good thing the clerk had a gun.