I found the perfect place for all you commies on board: Basque country…want some feminism served alongside your socialism plate? There you go!


Pressley won. I still don’t know who I wanted to win. She was down 13 points a month ago.


Wow! What an upset. Even if they don’t want Trump, it appears Massachusetts is looking for a change. I wish California would make some changes like this.


Yes it is good to give your money away to a good cause provided it does not create a problem for you financially and make you an even greater problem than the one you are directing your efforts at.
But, it is even better to see somebody give to a good cause and make it profitable seeing his money back with increase and improved conditions to do it all over again or apply it elsewhere with using what worked well and what was learned.


Giving money away is profitable. Try it!


I’m sorry I didn’t say that right. Giving money away is not profitable, unless it’s in your heart to glorify God with your purpose.


70% of Americans now support single payer. 85% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans.


Awesome! Perhaps we can lobby for one global date rape drug. We could call it BlackoutPressure pills better known as Reggie’s.


LeBron is awesome in his charity. Real genius. No time to explain right now.


First Kanya, now LaBron? What the hell!