This is what socialism looks like. If that means Trump’s donors need to pay a bit more tax, I don’t give a shit. I don’t follow basketball but much respect to Lebron.

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Too much fraud potential.
Or maybe not…what is that model for, a school he is going to principal?
Will he be using his own personal wealth for the costs and funding?
Who will be the controller/comptroller?

You have zero respect for charity, why do you respect Lebron?

He’s hard to dislike. He’s boring, but how could you dislike this guy. I wish he was a Celtic.

We have an interesting race for US congressional seat in Massachusetts. I still feel like I live in mass. 3 miles away and voted their my whole life. Michael capuano has been a congressman for 20 years. A good one. We have not had a Republican from Massachusetts win a USA seat since I have voted. This year he is running against a black female democratic socialist. I don’t know who I want to win. Her I guess. A same they are in the same district.

The Vietnamese just built a walking bridge 1km above sea level with sculptures of human hands holding it up. This is socialism, too.

Self management of workers? Hmm nobody looking over your shoulder…
Social ownership of production…does everyone know each other well?

The socialist running in Mass looks great for 44. Still don’t know who I want to win.

Can this be defined without heavy reliance on social media? Is this more aptly termed “redefining socialism”?
More than just signing yearbooks correct…or is the appeal to be just that simple…hmm what could be forced to made more popular?

Celibacy means nothing?

I am happy to see this. Let Trump attack LeBron. And this Don Lemon guy. Let’s get 99% of the black vote out for whoever the democrats choose.

PS to my last comment: I was amused to see Melania backed LeBron over her husband. lol.

Lol. That was my favorite part of the article.

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But Trump, who has had 5 children with 3 women, who has paid countless prostitutes, has done nothing for charity (in fact abused his fake charity for his own gain), has stolen from countless businesses by failing to pay them, and has gone bankrupt 6 times, says Lebron is a bad guy and the koolaid drinkers believe Trump.

And a woman had to step in and save the day. Congratulations, Melania! You’re inspiring women everywhere.

…and socialsts.

There is not such a thing as a free lunch.

Socialist ideas always sound nice at the beginning but you have to keep in mind they require absolute power of government. Then those nice little ideas expand without limits and always grow into something ugly. It’s always like that. Say good-bye to your freedoms with socialism. Socialism, to keep seemingly working, will interfere more and more with your personal stuff like your children, your faith, your way of life.

Absolute power does corrupt absolutely as one can see with the European Union and countless examples in history. Don’t be fools to submit to worldly power.

Shit, watch Orwell’s Animal Farm if you’re still turned on by socialism you little red piggies.

While people complain about Lebron James paying for poor kids’ education, take a look at our secretary of education’s summer home…

There you have your first try of communism.

If you think the globalists will stop with banning Alex, THINK AGAIN.