Since we're no longer speaking

She’s right. I did encourage her to read. But my God, what she chose to read. The things she filled her mind with make me wish I had never done that. It was a great disservice. I don’t doubt her intellect. In fact that’s what makes it all so tragic. What could survive on that diet of slop she chose to ingest.

and now that our paths are set, we circle, warily, spitting and hissing. So polarized there is no hope of redemption in either direction. If you want to know the damage that the right wing under trump has done to this country, this is a small example.

I’m not sure there’s much more to be had in life.

I hope you’re not right.

don’t tell me you’re not gonna post all that

Right now I’ve got the easiest time of things I’ve ever had in my life. My relationship is stable. Money is ok. Business is ok. I have tons of friends, far more than I can properly keep in touch with. I live in the downtown core of a city I like.

It’s as boring as hell. How many times can we go out for effing coffee? I don’t know what I want out of life but it’s not this.

We live in a universe where we can only survive by killing other things. Whoever the hell invented that is an asshole.

To compound that, we humans are taking an ugly world and making it far uglier than it needs to be.

We’re rebuilding walls between races and nations which we had struggled so hard to tear down just a generation ago. We used to demand integration everywhere. We despised apartheid. Now, every little minority group wants its own segregated space.

When someone wanted to learn about another race, we used to celebrate that initiative. Now we call it cultural appropriation and tell them to get back in their box.

We’re living in terror of a disease that has killed 2 million out of 7 billion.

Our boys want to be our girls and our girls hate our boys (unless they wear dresses in which case they’re heroes).

The only certainty in all of this stupidity is that we will get older, fatter, stupider, slower, weaker and uglier until we eventually die and get eaten by worms.

That is the universe we live in. I don’t care for fairy tales about eternal life.

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well, there IS that

How clever of you to find a song with the appropriate title.

I hadn’t heard that song for 25 years. Hopefully I can now go another 25 without hearing it again.

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I can help you with all those things.

Seriously I need more back from you than the time I invest here. I have lots of Batman comics I am willing to give away too.

I need more race.

you helped me think of it, i didnt even have to search for it

i agree i could probably find a more dark whiny emo song that would resemble your behaviour but somehow i cant be bothered;)

I stopped reading my Bible and poured everything into politics. What did I chose to read that you disapproved of?

Which things? The conservative politics or your opinions?

That’s a first. Until this day you have made me feel stupid almost every day for 5 years. You’ve done it deliberately and with precision. You seem to have it in your head that the only way to educate someone is through shame and humiliation. Which begs the question, what happened to you growing up that makes you have that mental disposition? I’m not saying that shaming someone to allow them to see their mistake is wrong. But when you deliberately shape a persons mind that way daily, you don’t create a better person. You create a Hell-bound monster, which I am.

I thought this was an interesting statement. I’ve been eating your and Regs’ hate-filled, negative slop while you all consume and lift each other’s with veggies from somewhere else.

Like two cobras rushing headlong into destruction.

That’s your choice. I’ve been redeemed but I’m not that naive. The Bible says, Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will be saved. I will continue to run that race regardless what the outcome is for me.

Herein lies the biggest problem. You watch Trump embrace the American flag with passion. You see his love for our country. You know his works. Even now, he’s working for us. Not just for us but for the whole world. He’s caused countries all over the world to take control of their governments. He has done great things and all you can do is bash him. What makes me so sick about that is that completely crooked Biden is reversing everything Trump did but you won’t praise him for it. That tells me that you never look at the good people do and build on that. You take what you perceive to be bad and destroy from there. You and Reg openly reject the Love of God, spew your hatred and then question where the love is. You love the darkness but you don’t seem to want to live there. I could tell you stories from the Bible that are parallel to today but unless I make it dirty, you’re not interested.
Of course, you can offend me with your hateful words about God but I can post a song titled the Messiah Will Come Again and you are offended by the title. Forget the contents. There is no other way to interpret the song with that title. Reading from a dictionary taught me that.

This is interesting. How did you know what he was going to post?

I’ve never once tried to make you believe in fairy tales. I don’t believe in fairy tales. Your paranoia is exhausting. You seem to think that if I speak about God that I’m somehow giving an alter call. That’s one of the reasons I don’t post about Jesus very much. I don’t want to take you out of your comfort zone even though you have no problem taking me from mine. Like Will, you seem to find Gods Word boring but if I address Scripture about men with penises like horses, you’re all interested. If you find that intriguing, you should read what Satanists believe happened to Eve in the Garden.

Should I ignore the contents because the message is only in the title?

i think you should post more about your jesus
(penis stories are optional)

Praise him with much praise!


Ezekiel 23:20 There she had longed for her lovers. Their private parts seemed as big as those of donkeys. And their flow of semen appeared to be as much as that of horses.

When you finish worshipping your clumsy god, bow down further and lick the red carpet fibers from his boots.

He’s not my God. I think he’s a senile old fool. His only appeal is that he’s not Trump. He deserved (and got) praise for reversing some of Trump’s many idiotic policies.

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That’s enough for me.

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