I hadn’t thought about Scientology for some time but it popped into my head tonight and I googled its status. It is dying. Just as one example, Ireland now reports 87 Scientologists on its most recent census.

Good. Scientology is not a religion, it is a scam and a cult. The sooner it dies the better.

I have to wonder what people are replacing it with, if anything.

I wonder that too. Its probably individual based, but my guess is nothing that is organized. They are probably against institution and wary. They also don’t believe in genesis so getting someone that is not young to buy into your religion is difficult. As the jehovah’s witnesses have found out from knocking on my door.

My guess is they are atheists or agnostics. Agnostic is pretty broad. Usually agnostics lean one way or another about if there is a God, but it’s just an opinion.

Has Scientology ever been a religion?
To me it sounded more like a “management course” to “improve one’s brain capabilities”. I mean, did they worship a god together, feast together, prayed together etc.?
What I heard about it, it had more the airs of a costly empowerment seminar.

It is crazy. End times. Destruction of false religion on a day by day basis due to knowledge increasing exponentially, partly through the net. We will soon see the truth.

“management course” to “improve one’s brain capabilities” is one way of putting it. I prefer “scam”. Both work.

I once attended an independant weekend seminar on angels and end-times-struggle.
Those costly things just aren’t free, it’s common sense.
Gotta seek for the handbook in my mess, though.