Reg & Michele

Sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes luvst, then comes…then comes. Oh hell, let’s just come in here and get this over with because I’m already getting bored with you. Nothing penetrates beyond the head of your penis. You have confessed the Truth. You also have fallen far from the Word. And you have stumbled over the Rock of Offense.

Reg I know you remember a time when we had a discussion about God knocking on your door.
According to the Bible, God doesn’t knock on your door. You knock on His. In this life the only thing rapping on your door is the devil and my knuckles are getting raw. If you open to me, I will clean you out with my Water, leaving you dry and we will burn together. It sounds exciting and I’m up for adventure. If that’s what you want for me and us, I’m with you. You will need to get rid of that battle ax of a wife and I’ll get rid of this ball and chain weighting me down. You can close BBAD and we can travel the world meeting all my new friends. You have a great deal to think about.
As Head of your house, you have been given authority over much. You will be given a choice and I am going to comply with it.
If you choose Heaven, I promise to go slow because I love you deeply.

You need to stop drinking, Michele.


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