Prescription Drugs

The House passes a bill to lower prescription drug costs

Donald Trump, doing what he does. Saving the world one refill at a time.

Switzerland and Luxembourg legalized low-THC marihuana called CBD-weed or CBD-grass lately.

Finally. A calming down for those restless souls.

  • The House, led by Democrats, passed a bill that would lower prescription drug prices and would push Medicare to negotiate prices
  • The bill was brought forth by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and passed the vote on Thursday
  • The bill has been blasted by Republicans and given a veto warning by The White House
  • Some Democrats claim President Donald Trump’s refusal to support negotiations for lower prices mean he turned back on his campaign promise

Trump had nothing to do with it.

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I am convinced you don’t read the things you post.

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Obvious isn’t it?

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I didn’t notice you had posted pretty much the same thing an hour before I did. The worst thing is that, in the almost impossible event that Republicans don’t kill this and it somehow becomes law, the crazy half of your country will credit Trump for it.

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And after they do trump will brag about it in one his Hitler like rallys.

He’s talking about you Michele.

Shit disturber. lol.

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I take pride in my work.

I didn’t know responding was required but I will because you deserve to hear from me.

If you can blame Trump, he can accept the credit where deserved. It is the Trump Administration.

You STILL haven’t read the article have you? Lol.


While we’re on prescription drugs, here is a fascinating story about death row.

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If Americans were smart, they would be telling AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and BeiGene that the Chinese prices were now the American prices, and if they didn’t like it their entire boards of directors would be put in prison until they did like it.

Any genius knows that if they wait long enough we will give it to them for free.

“It is unclear how deep a cut each company consented for individual therapies.”

It hurts Americans to see others having to pay for what we can give them at no charge. Our Governing Body is always more than willing to absorb their debt, if only they would ask for it.

Michele, you suffer from a common but still quite irritating trait among some Americans of assuming that all medical advancements come from the USA. In actual fact, AstraZeneca is British-Swedish, GlaxoSmithKline is British, and BeiGene is Chinese. The USA is a customer, nothing more.

Good to know. Why did we fund research for a vaccine then? Because our country is the gift that keeps on giving.

Your country didn’t fund it, unless you count buying some as funding it. Canada and other countries bought far more than the USA bought. Pfizer flat out turned down Trump’s silly warpspeed plan.

It was a silly plan. The silliest and taxpayers are funding a product we don’t even want, at warpspeed.