POM must go

OK. Enough of this POM. It’s driving me nuts.

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lol, why? It is the Hindu festival of colours known as Holi, although given all the white kids in the photo it’s probably a western recreation of it that has more to do with pot and music than with spirituality.

I knew about Holi. But this is like putting a flickering light in front of an epileptic. Holi Moly!

Fine. I think Holi is over anyway. Not really sure. I don’t paint myself as a general rule.

Tlhanks. Much better.

I agree! Beautiful photo!

You didn’t like the Holi photo either?

Truthfully, no! There were so many people it was getting in my nerves.

I will say you nailed it in this photo with all the fall foliage falling on the steps. Very pretty and peaceful.