POM must go


OK. Enough of this POM. It’s driving me nuts.


lol, why? It is the Hindu festival of colours known as Holi, although given all the white kids in the photo it’s probably a western recreation of it that has more to do with pot and music than with spirituality.


I knew about Holi. But this is like putting a flickering light in front of an epileptic. Holi Moly!


Fine. I think Holi is over anyway. Not really sure. I don’t paint myself as a general rule.


Tlhanks. Much better.


I agree! Beautiful photo!


You didn’t like the Holi photo either?


Truthfully, no! There were so many people it was getting in my nerves.

I will say you nailed it in this photo with all the fall foliage falling on the steps. Very pretty and peaceful.


This would look so cute on you!