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I don’t think the source is dubious. From NPR:

Also this:

Also this.

And this.

lol somehow i have no interest in becoming a broke failure that spouts nonsense and then lose to a senile citizen…

its just a test they started doing in some schools to offer insects as a choice
why? insects are a healthier protein source, contain more minerals and is a more sustainable alternative than going all veggie and its better for the environment compared to meat

yes and no
when hundreds of farmers protest and decide to obstruct food distribution centers with their tractors lol of course that has an impact on what can be delivered to supermarkets… am sure its possible that in some smaller towns or remote villages on some islands that created some temporary shortages but nothing drastic, since those were just targeted actions by those farmers which dont last long; they get arrested by the police

lol@ americans moaning about bad food
of course we also have our junk food and lots of unhealthy fried stuff…

but there is a reason why the dutch are still fairly healthy and still the tallest people in the world…
what is healthier than having breakfast with just bread with some cheese (or chocolate sprinkles lol) and a glass of milk?
what is healthier than a nice stampot? :wink:

edit: lol@reg’s last article, not sure where that guy got his bread from but it wasnt from a bakery… but this comment could be true hehe:

“I think the bad food is indeed the reason that Dutch people are almost never overweight. I should call it the Dutch diet and write a book about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an interesting comparison. The Dutch are the 8th healthiest country according to this. Canada is 14th. 23% of Dutch smoke, which is disgusting. Half of the Netherlands is overweight, about the same as Canada.

I can’t believe you are insulting our great leader. He is not a failure, although I do believe the Democrats are trying to squeeze every last dollar from his wallet.
You need to bow down low and repent of your harsh view.

So do you eat insects or meat?

Oh, good. Perhaps your government will find a way to get rid of those pesky farmers so that the supermarket freezers will be filled with insects.

You didn’t elaborate on your reasoning as to why they may not be a legit source. I personally think they and most news media don’t care about what they spread. Their new globalist duty seems to be to spread it, deny it and declare it a conspiracy.

Include a full-length photo to support your claims.

no leader of mine… you mean your great leader


no need to get rid of them if they start farming insects… if not they will get paid more for their assests than that its worth…

lol the no was in reference to you stating how they might be deliberately trying to spread false information to irritate people and create panic
new is just shared opinionated information

you would have to ask the person that made those claims

Leader of the world.

You eat insects? Do all insects taste like nuts or do some taste like beef and others like cheese?

I don’t understand your logic. To me, thats screwing with the food chain.

So you’re saying they are not basing their journalism on facts? Are facts no longer required in the Netherlands?

I did and I will again.

You should include a full-length photo in your book.

you mean your world

the yes was referring to meat… iam not aware of having eaten insects

insect meat is also meat… supposedly just healthier and less damaging to the environment

you would have to ask them but i think facts are just opinions and theories that have not yet been disproven

nice… do let us know what they say

i think you should read what i typed again and realise those are not my words

i will have nothing to do with books; they are tree corpses that deserve respect… so they should all be cremated

This is not the first time I’ve seen where you called Reg an American and correct me where I’m wrong but aren’t Canadians considered European?

Cream cheese, honey and strawberries or my favorite, mango.

Okay, so you support feeding bugs to Dutch children but you yourself don’t eat insects? You’re selfish!

I think you need to go eat a few insects.

lol you are corrected! northern americans are still americans

i would but i dont get free insects like those kids do!

Too bad. I’ve read scorpion tastes like soft-shell crab.

I have a theory.

It’s a conspiracy to make us fat while they slim down.

I know you’re probably thinking Hunter Biden has nothing to do with the rising cost of eggs but I think he has had his hands in everything, including the high price of eggs.