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Just don’t eat red meat. Solved.

Good point. Where should I get my protein? There’s probably going to be a peanut shortage in the near future so don’t recommend peanut butter. I suppose I could drink healthy aspartame laced Coke Zero.

Try tofu or salmon.

I’ve tried tofu. I don’t like the texture. I had salmon for dinner last night and lunch today. I’ve probably gone over my weekly Mercury allowance

you are thinking of swordfish
do you know what a book is?
Here are eight foods you should avoid to reduce your exposure to dietary mercury.

  1. Swordfish
    A predatory fish that inhabits several ocean zones, swordfish is one of the highest sources of mercury. It has an average mercury load measuring 0.995 ppm and highest loads measuring 3.22 ppm.
  2. Shark
    The shark has a similarly high mercury load to that of swordfish. As predatory species, sharks generally have an average mercury measurement of 0.979 ppm, with higher measurements reaching 4.54 ppm.
  3. Tilefish
    Tilefish typically live in two main zones: the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico tilefish are very high in mercury, with average load measuring 1.123 ppm and a highest reading of 3.73 ppm. While the Atlantic coast tilefish has lower averages of 0.144 ppm, it can reach 0.533 ppm.
  4. King Mackerel
    Next up is king mackerel, which averages 0.73 ppm of mercury. This species can reach 1.67 ppm in some cases.
  5. Bigeye Tuna
    The second-largest species of tuna after bluefin, bigeye tuna can hold an average mercury load of 0.689 ppm and a high load of 1.816 ppm.
  6. Marlin
    This fast-swimming species can accumulate an average mercury reading of 0.485 ppm and higher readings of 0.92 ppm.
  7. Orange Roughy
    The orange roughy is a deep-sea species that can live for 100 years or more. This lengthy lifespan can lead to high amounts of mercury, with average loads measuring 0.571 ppm and highest measurements of 1.12 ppm.
  8. Chilean Sea Bass
    Another slow-growing species, the chilean sea bass lives in the deep waters and can reach 50 years of age. While it has average mercury loads of 0.354, it can reach up to 2.18 ppm of mercury.

Of course. I read your book on day one. Both pages. Front to back. I wasn’t impressed. For a genius, you lack the eloquent speech Hitler applied to his manifesto, Mein Kampf.

Do you take your own advice? I’m only asking because I read somewhere that you’re not suppose to eat shark. It’s a white meat and really very delicious.

Bill, you obviously didn’t write that. It is cogent, well written, grammatically correct, and doesn’t contain any childish insults. If you’re going to copy the words of others, it is polite to attribute them to the original writer.

if you care who wrote it, paste it into google and search
otherwise shut the fuck up and post a wrist watch

Nobody here has to follow behind you cleaning up your shit. So do us all a favor and disappear again.

Bill, if you don’t choose to take Will’s advice and disappear, I will certainly continue to observe when you plagiarize the words of others. It is an asinine practice, much like modifying quotes.

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my source for the war on drugs was wiki
my source for 3 strikes was wiki
can i stay now?
you imbecile
you moron
those are insults
you might almost say ad hominem attacks

I see the anger is building in Lowerre.

He’s probably hungry why don’t you be a gracious host, invite him over and feed him. :relieved:

Beats me how you can fill your mind with crap like this.

It’s not that hard. I do have to read a little.

I have no idea what they are saying but it appears they are trying to change our diet and feed us bugs that we are expected to gobble up and love. I’m not buying it but you globalists may.

lol the kids are saying they like the mealworms and that they taste like nuts

Oh, sorry. I knew there was a shortage of flour and fresh vegetables and I know you suffer from a shortage of water but I didn’t know there was a shortage of nuts in your country.

iam not aware of any of these shortages but some macadamias or pistachios are always welcome… (as long as its not trump :wink: )

You’re quite silly. Trump is not a nut to me. In fact, Trump is everything you are, well…not, but if you work hard someday you can make the Netherlands just as great as Trump made America.
Now since you brought it up and it is as you say that there is no nut or any other shortages, why are the Dutch youth being fed insects? Also, is the Holland Times a legitimate news source or is this site deliberately spreading false information to irritate people and create panic?