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Sure it’s not the alcohol Reggie? You don’t seem to have much sense of taste or smell or swallowing capacity.

Vomit? Too much fruit juice and fat…

I admit, our diet has taken a big hit due to coronavirus. We’re not eating any fresh fruit or vegetables because people have handled them with their hands. I like to think they’re all gloved and that nobody sneezed on them but I’m not going to risk it. We’re eating things that can be bought in plastic and tin, which is pretty much exactly the wrong approach for healthy eating, normally. These aren’t normal times, however.

But normally you can smell your ulcered rotten stomach on your breath with vomit, that of course and wine and fruit juice unsuccessfully tried disinfecting, preserving and pickling it with.

It must smell like perfume to you through your infected nostrils.

@Reg don’t You like “Pulpo a la Gallega”?

This looks good for my taste! To make it more “a la Gallega”, it just needs more paprika pow(d)er!

Don’t tell me you have been infected with this Corona hysteria, too?!
I will create a poll here…Coronavirus

I don’t think I’m hysterical. I think the worldwide reaction is horribly overblown. I think the current measures are totally unsustainable and will generally do nothing against coronavirus in the long run but will destroy the economies of many nations. I think the Netherlands’ approach of building herd immunity is much better. I would personally support ending quarantine in most countries right now.

That said, I don’t want to get COVID-19. That would be insane to want that.

Oh boy, I have to tell you, that I had this idea. Licking on a cash machine. Or likewise. Forcefully french-kissing a Corona patient in her bed. You know, to immunize and let a doctor issue a certification of immunization (I have done with measles likewise; the certificate issuing, not the contagion) to anticipate a possible compulsive vaccine.

A possibly worldwide compulsive vaccine in response gives me the creeps. Horrors and terror and bad dreams. I will literary soil my pants if they head this way.

I actually get that. If I was younger and had no health conditions, I might wish I could just get it over with and be immune, too. Even now, if I found out I had it, I wouldn’t panic. That said, with diabetes and hypertension, and at 54, I think it would be foolish to seek this out.

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Yes, to each its own. I just have terror to “forcefully receive” an “experimental vaccine” by some unbelieving scientist who may even think he is acting for the good but behind the curtains he is a tool to bring on Satans New World Order and that I am taken down afterwards. Immune system destroyed. Allergies galore and brain be damaged, so I can’t make a stand anymore to Satan’s NWO, but will have become a mere vegetable.
And even if they don’t get me personally, I will find myself in a world with millions of braindead vaxxed zombies afterwards, millions and billions of them. Tools remotely controlled by Satan himself, readjusted every day by the “news media”.

Because only god is sovereign, man shouldn’t interfere and be building these modern day Babylonian Towers to “bypass” god’s punishments! (Vaccines etc.). This way we will only stack up our guilt before the most high and sovereign.

These thoughts are hitting hard on me with cold sweat and nashing of my already sore teeth.

Man. The end-of-times is a struggle like never before. It is going to become epic now.

With that said I’m going to eat a heavy healthy breakfast and add 4 eggs to it.

Why is everyone so weak in this area?

You know I don’t seem like I make a lot of sense. Like when I talk about cheese. Or cheese cultures. Not just cultures or groups of people and the cheese they make as part of their culture, but the actual enzymes that make cheese. You can say something offensive by just mentioning a cheese culture. Don’t be ignorant about mozzarella it is buffalo cheese from buffalos, but you can make it at home from regular cow’s milk, vinegar, and salt. I made it accident once by adding milk to a hot powdered apple cider drink. I think you can even turn milk into a plaster of paris cast with just vinegar. So it’s good for repair.

But about cheese cultures. You can condition your gut with milk and cheese. Some cultures like rennet come from the intestines of baby bovineand goats, slaughtered like veal, with a stomach conditioned to only digesting milk, then using it to make cheese. You can condition your gut for this enzyme. Mozz you can make with some simple recipes with no enzymes other cheeses you might add an egg, yogurt, or mesophilic culture.

You can turn your stomach over from a shut down with variance in diet. It might be shut down from fruit juice or vegetables or cheese.

Secret enzyme, self discipline does not require slaughter.

But not on cheese today. I want to talk chicken. Chicken can be very dangerous. I don’t suggest trying it undercooked or raw because you can become more risk taking especially if you have been eating sushi with raw fish or shellfish or steak tartar, oysters, etc.

Chicke breasts are zero to me with no skin. They can actually be quite juice and very healthy just microwaved. Now I survived for 3 years with nothing but a microwave and I got quite powerful with my diet. I used to buy chicken quite a bit sometimes premarinated in a bag I might share sometime. Make sure it is fully cooked because you might experience something like nuclear fusion in your head seeing stuff like flashes of blazing light and strange symbols and mages from things you might see on an oscilloscope to other stuff on horoscopes and zodiacs.

But here is an organic chicken breast I paid a little more for and you can find this discounted sometimes. I just sliced it a bit and rubbed it with dijon mustard and microwaved it. Looks good raw doesn’t it and like that mustard action could be cooking it or curing it on its own? Very juicy and tasty and under 3 minutes. I want to talk about yellow and mustard and chicken and cage free and organic a but more. But this is a good way to get started with chicken.

Don’t let raw chicken or radioactive chicken be your only life if you are so dead the inside of your skull feels dry! Don’t try to get back to life from the dead with chicken bacteria and raw chicken or nuked chicken! Don’t be a chicken man!

It can be a real downer having to cook chicken especially if it means drying out an already dry breast. Especially breast and no skin. Have something colorful to avoid getting depressed about it. Hard to look at it as it seems to be dying and getting older every minute.

mushrooms carrots and california french

Cage free and caged what’s the difference? More exercise for free roam cage free or plenty of roam in the pen area to exercise and stand and flap? Cage free gets worms and insects added to the diet plus wild seeds of their own choosing, choosing natural diet.
But see that mustard I used…people like that. Sometimes with chciken you lose your mind and just want it hot. So you might increase the bacteria and fecal matter, mustard seeds, jalpeno seeds and the like and chickens pecking at the floor with all the waste in a cage. Maybe it does condition the chicken tougher or maybe it is just less care.

There is a guilt factor as well. It helps if you can can pocket chicken breasts like the a shirt with two front pockets and put out a dozen or more with a chest workout ( presses and flies). You do have to consider the proportion of chest muscle of a chicken to head size compared to a human.

That looks quite good, Mark.

The chicken looks like old crap in that last picture with the mushrooms and carrots. That is the point I wanted to make.

Looks fine. It’s chicken. It doesn’t look too greasy. I’m not a fan of the dressing on the carrots but it doesn’t look like there’s too much of it. Healthy meal.

If you are good you can tell by taste, free range organic or not, male or female, or capon.