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I’m not surprised that this is the only memory of me that you have. I talked to Jane from Houston a few times and I did join you and her in ONE (you liar) 2 minute audio call after which, you broadcasted to everyone in Park Bench that we sounded the same. So much for discretion!

You are such a liar. I never mention God here. If I do it’s only because someone says something that opens that door. To say I thump my Bible implies that I shove Gods precious Word down your throat and try to make you digest it. That is just not true, Reg. Nothing else would fit in your big mouth.

While it may be true that I’ve posted some things about globalist conspiracies against the world, it is not unlike your own insistence that we buy in to your ridiculous and unfounded conspiracies about 9/11.

If you weren’t so thoughtless, you would have mentioned Gunda also.

Translation: I may have that later but I wouldn’t tell you and tarnish my impeccable reputation.

Translation: I’m a quitter.

I thought that about myself a few years ago but this place has a way of revealing all sorts of truths.

How is it that you don’t know yourself at all but are laying claims to stability?

I think you were dead on arrival.

I bet you can’t wait.

Probably not but who cares with an attitude like yours.

And with his last he will say, “Who cares?”

I agree that Dan is the closest to what I would call a normal person here. The rest of us are strange in our own unique ways. I no longer drink heavily. The older I get, the less patience I have with the stupidity I see in here. I am also angrier and am happy to have BBAD to unleash my wrath and vent my spleen. I no longer smoke pot. I am waiting to die.

you are waiting for a star to fall?

No we’re not. We’re a collection of average people talking crap on the net.

TnaciousTigress, you and Jane spent hours spamming trying to get people to come into your audio call. Discretion doesn’t really apply.

I insist on nothing of the sort. If you think that 18 Saudis and an Egyptian being led by a guy on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan did it, that’s totally fine with me. By the way, I have no conspiracy theory. I do not believe the story we were told. I do not assert any other story. I have no idea what happened. That can’t rationally be called a “theory”.

Good point! I forgot.

We all are, Will. Most of us just don’t realize it yet.

i had 40 shock treatments

I remember. I had to google electro convulsive therapy.

buncha ragheads
they couldn’t have pulled it off
hadda be space aliens

Many of the hijackers had come from the middle- or upper classes of their societies. When you pursue a graduate degree in urban planning, as Mohamed Atta did, it’s safe to say that you’re not desperately trying to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

Did it help?

You just can’t stop lying. Why would I spend hours spamming for a 2 minute audio chat I wasn’t really interesting in getting into in the first place. You invited us in and we accepted.
I don’t care about your discretion. It only applies when you’re using it anyway.

Nothing new. Belief never comes easy for a faithless man. Sorry, you left a door cracked.

I don’t know what alternate reality you’re living in but I hope you’re enjoying it. I had never heard of that site before you invited me there.

i remember that tnacious zone name
and what it did

What site?

there was no site
i didn’t lose the election

This smells really bad. I mean 2 smells 1)garbage with maggots 2)diarrhea.
Surprised I got this home in my backpack as it spilled out from the styrofoam into the plastic bag. Cool coconut drink with meat but I didn’t find the straw and little fork skewer until I finished it.
image image
Spared me an eye or two anyway.

Mock duck is great when it comes to scent and flavor and texture. You can be more just because you can absorb more.

It’s 4 pm here and I have eaten an ice cream cone and nothing else. I don’t plan to eat much more today. Yesterday I ate a few slices of cheese. I’m a bit light headed but I’ve dropped a full kilo. and hope to drop another kilo by the weekend.

I had to have my smell sense adjusted and tunes. Sometimes your eyes send the wrong message to your brain and so do your ears. Could be the same with the sense of smell. There might be no smell but the something is triggering the brain to remember a smell.

sometimes you’re just wrong and can’t adapt
sometimes you wish your brain worked the same as the other kids