Noise Pollution

It does seem humans tend to muck things up for the others we share the planet with.

and those mosquitoes with malaria are mucking pretty good, ay?
ever eat a mosquito?

“We’ve assumed that the ocean is silent for the most part. But it turns out that it isn’t, and the reason it isn’t is because sound travels very far under water.”
As such, the international team of researchers called for a global regulatory framework for measuring and managing ocean noise.

All I can think about here is how much this is going to cost taxpayers and the energy sector when scientists haven’t even figured out how to deal with China and Indonesia polluting our water every day with plastics.

Do you mean yours and your family members?

No and I don’t know why you would even make such a bizarre assumption.

This is why it’s good that Republicans are not in power. You think that, because we have other problems, we can ignore the environment.

that is one good reason. another is that they will believe anything.

It’s good Democrats took it from us. Now we know exactly who to hold accountable.

I just love the way you get in my head and root around only to discover that I don’t care about the environment when, in fact, I don’t care about the hearing of marine life more than I care about their oxygen deprivation. Perhaps you should get back in there and see what other untruths you can discover.

This is a reference to abuse in the military.

No, Michele, that’s nonsense. You said nothing about the oxygen deprivation of sea life. You talked about the energy sector and your taxes and plastics. Exact quote below.

help help
he’s heckling gracie

reg makes me feel so ashamed
i was born in a log cabin
film at eleven

My apologies. I just assumed you knew what my concern was when I posted about plastic pollution. I’ll try to pay closer attention to detail in the future.

I lived in a castle of sorts when I was a baby. I’ll show you.