Newsroom Shooting

I honestly don’t get the fuss over this newsroom shooting. There are 85 people killed every day by guns in the US. Why fuss over these 5?

I think most of the 85 are one on one deals. Workplace shootings with multiple victims always garner more attention. Just my guess.

Clearly true but irritating to me. The people choose which lives are worth fussing about. I’m pretty sure none of us will make the cut.

Simple question, simple answer:
MSM reporters are “their” crowd. Just as much as illegal migrants (at least them who go along the party line, not those evul religious ones ;-)).
Parrotting Soros’ party line. Now there are 5 parrots less and the typewriters cannot be kept operating. They are mourning, or do you really think the Satanic gliberal crowd is really giving a damn about your children shot in public schools or church. They are hell of good actors.

It’s more complex than that. The Parkland High kids got even more attention. The guy in Las Vegas got only a week even though he killed far more. Really it seems if you’re young and cute, or if you are considered loveable by the masses, your life matters. If not, well, nobody cares.

Were there any white Jews that got killed?

Only 1 of them was pretty.