New Year 2020/2021

lol normally i wouldnt have opened the door at all to prevend that awful greasy smell from coming in so i think i was quite polite and friendly this time and did my good deed for this year;)

Unless they smelled bad or exhibited some other antisocial characteristics, I would almost certainly have opened the door, accepted their gracious gift, invited them in for a glass of wine, and ended the day with a new set of acquaintances in the neighbourhood. Isa would teach them to dance salsa, and the cat would think about attacking them but chicken out in the end and run under the bed.

oliebollen smell: check

facemasks: check

what?! dont be silly, you would be breaking your lockdown rules! lol

still its a very nice painting of your dream;)

I have to admit, you make a good point. Being friendly at Christmas can land you in jail these days.

yes and rightly so! (as i just read in the pitbull topic…)

Happy New Year.
2020: Good riddance!
2021: Happy to be here.
2022: Looking forward to it.

I think I mentioned over a year ago that 2020 would bring things of the world into focus. I do believe that has happened to some degree. We have connected a few dots. Trump has showed us who we are and who the enemy is. Had he not become our president, we would still be completely clueless to the ways of the world. It’s been a wake up call and I for one am incredibly thankful for that. What did Trump do? Like Barr, he put people out front at the pleasure of the President for service of the people. He allowed us to see their true works. Barr was incredibly convincing as a do-right kind of man. At this point, I can safely assume he is not innocent. I know this because He failed to serve the people in complete truthfulness. We the people do not need to know what every politician has done to know they have done something that is bad enough they will choose to do wrong to prevent that truth from being exposed. Why did Barr withhold that vital piece of information about Hunter being investigated? The world can’t possibly know, yet, but all indications are that he was blackmailed and felt his own secret would be exposed for all the world to see. He probably couldn’t afford for that to happen because he had already been branded cool under pressure. I suspect that went to his fat head early on. He convinced right-wingers that he was a really good person. He must have forgotten that the people are not loyal to him. We are loyal to our great President Trump and he appointed Barr to show us how easily we are fooled. We don’t care if it comes out what Barr has done. For us, all that matters is that we now know he has done us wrong.
The truth was manifested in his works when he withheld the truth lol. Ironic!


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Which part?

I’m starting everything over from zero and looking with a better outlook than ever. I already have several goals and projects planned and started and I am going to begin first with reducing clutter and organizing and then slowly building momentum. I’m going to forgive and forget everything too! I’m just extra ready and aware now.

I have a great health lineup too. From vaccinations to diet to weight loss to walking and conditioning and training as well as supplements.

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What’s wrong with your phone and voice message box Reg? Do you check email? Maybe I will try that.

Nothing is wrong with them, Mark. I’m just not feeling well so I’ve been ignoring most calls.

Pick up mine. I’ll try again. Conversation will be easy, nothing uncomfortable or hard and no pressure and you will feel better. Let’s try the lines one more time.

Another day, Mark. I am not feeling well.

Tomorrow then.