New topic for reg

testing 1,2,3

test succeeded!

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it still doesn’t work

i refuse to get pre approval for a post.

thats only for you lol
perhaps you shouldnt have said “not forever”

there is still no way to start a new topic

Will, describe what is happening. I made no changes.

there is is no option for a new topic

You don’t see this?

starting to remind me of my HOA

no. mine says “new draft”

nope sorry. says “open draft”

Oh, ok, I know what happened. You saved a message as a draft accidentally. Just open the draft, delete all the text, and hit cancel. You should then be able to start new topics.

right you are

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ok, so where is your new topic?

after all my hard work (i tripled the amount of topics i have ever created at bbad), i have been looking forward to seeing it for hours! lol