NAD+ Anti Aging Pill

So, I’ve been reading about NAD+. I have no idea if it’s real but I just spent $18 to find out. If I suddenly become 25 again, I’ll let you all know.

I just received my bottle of the stuff. Looks like any other pill. I took one and didn’t die. So far so good.


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I’ve been taking this for a few months now. I feel fine. I have no idea if it has helped.

You don’t look a day over…thirty-three. You’re fine! Your blue shirt has aged a bit tho. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I look my age. Exactly 20 years over 33. :slight_smile: I’m very content with how I’m aging, though. Reasonable health and I’m still able to walk 10k without sweating it.

You can walk 10k without sweating, Reg? Are you walking backwards? I must learn how you do that!

Well, I sweat if it is hot out.

So. Do you feel any effects? Are you supposed to feel younger or does it just prolong life?

The problem with this supplement (and all supplements) is that it’s really hard to know what is having an effect and what isn’t. My health is decent. Not great but not awful. My diabetes is under control. I’ve injured my leg recently so I’m not walking so well but that should only last a month. I think this stuff is helping but I really have no way of knowing without having a duplicate body I could test without the supplement.

It’s supposed to make you younger. Not just make you feel younger, it’s supposed to actually make your body composition more like that of a younger person.

I can say this: there do not appear to be any negative side effects for me. That’s the most important thing to me. Even if it isn’t helping (and it might be), as long as it’s not hurting it’s tempting to stay on it.

I’ve taken cbd twice. Don’t think it will be a habit but if I can’t sleep, I’m 2 for 2 with it.

Ok youthful BBADers, here’s what it’s like to be old. When you get the first hint that you might need to pee in a bit, run to the pissoir. Get used to letting flee a fart while you are in line at the bank. Pills, pills, and tests, tests. Walk in one foot steps. Sleep a lot, though not when you normally would. Realize that you are pretty much useless in most jobs, besides which they would never hire you anyway because you’re too damn OLD! Good luck.