Bavarian “alternative” Motorcyclist on antidepressants is having an aggression after seeing the face of chancellor Merkel - almost 1 virtual casualty

Do you guys own a motorcycling license and currently a motorcycle?

  • Neither
  • Both
  • just a license
  • just a motorbike

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I rode for many years. I think I’m done, though. Every few years I go through a phase where I watch motorcycle videos on Youtube. I went through such a phase a few months ago. It never seems to last long. After awhile I realize that the reality of riding motorcycles is nowhere near as good as the fantasy.

Putting on a helmet and leathers on a hot summer day is torture. You dream of riding the Sea to Sky highway on the BC coast but you don’t realize that to get there you have to spend an hour dodging Asian immigrants (and occasional others of all races) who have no idea what shoulder-checking even is, any of whom can put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life in a split second.

I’ve settled on the convertible. It’s a far better experience than motorcycling is and it’s also far safer. No gear, just me and the outdoors. I love it.


But you are much more agile on a motorbike than in a car. Well, I always thought about motorbikes as a cheap alternative to cars, but they don’t seem to be that much cheaper apart from miles to gallon and taxes. And you can’t carry the tons of material I am always carrying around. That’s a negative.
But the sound of a loud 2-stroke engine always reminds me of youth and nasty nymphomanic girls…But I guess the age of 2-stroke engines is over…

Doesn’t matter. You’re sharing the road. When the person beside you changes lanes into yours without checking, your agility won’t help you any. A decade ago, on the way to a friend’s wedding, I got rear ended by a truck at high speed. If I had been on a bike, I would’ve been dead or wishing I was. Instead I was in my Volvo. I had it towed, took a taxi back home to get the old BMW convertible I had (and loved) back then, and drove to the wedding and showed everyone photos of the wreck.

Two strokes are dead. Hourly rentals have also dispensed with the need for owning a truck.

huh, the traffic over at your place seems to be crazy. I sometimes rode a 125ccm Aprilia RS125 in low-traffic Spain, however not in Madrid itself, only the outskirts (AFAIK in Spain you can ride 125ccm with a car driver’s license). But cars were so much smaller and less powerful back then. With an RS125 2-stroke you had been king of the road.
But coming to think of it, all the young employees of German sports-car manufactorers and young buyers drive very aggressively, too. And, man, cars got so freaking HUGE and powerful. It’s intimidating in my 25 year old regular car. I never had any car nor bike accident, but when I see the combination of young or stressed driver and big powerful car, then may be I am glad not to be on a motorcycle either.

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I actually wonder if the world wouldn’t be a better place if we enacted a 100 hp limit on all cars.

Was the car filled with trash?

Just remember it wasn’t a seat belt or air bag that saved you…it was trash!

Yes BMW, bidet, and aftershave. That and a treasure of a story to tell.

Yes I remember the hood looked like a treasure chest. Treasure.

The hood looked like something, that’s for sure.

Was that a food item on top of the dash?