Modern stone age family

if dinosaurs were alive today, they would be running around saying “remember the asteroid!”
yet nobody ever says “remember the bubonic plague!”
today is pearl harbor day in every nation on earth
remember the alamo!

First word I’ve heard about it all day. So much for living in infamy.

Actually nobody gives a shit outside the US. And most inside don’t care either. There is a platitudinous cliche, “those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The truth is that those who think they learned anything reading the ridiculous stories written by the victors (aka history) should probably read some good fiction instead. It’s no less truthful and is usually more entertaining.

I’ll tell ya what I think. When I hear Japanese talking about honor, that’s when I think about Pearl Harbor. Nasty little assholes. The women were nice to fuck.

i’m askin’ you to lie
we both know that it ain’t right
but if you ever loved me please
have mercy on me
jason aldean
warner brothers music steamboat
new york new york
the city so nice
they closed it twice

the truth is that i’ve read ridiculous stories written by both sides
many stories
many sides
so many, i know them all without reading them all
cuz they shalt surely be the same-
this is what happened and what i think about it
the “what happened” part can be taken on faith when both sides agree
the “what i think” part maybe not so much
remember the magna carta!
arsenal rules

i admit the victors got more stories
the stories from the non-victors tend to be abruptly shortened
the truth has teeth