Missing Persons

Michele is missing. I can only assume she is in jail again. When I find out which jail and what she is charged with I will open an account to try and raise bail money. Dollars, Guilders and Bitcoin will be accepted.

i think she took my advice and is taking some time off from here to do some soul searching to see if she can be nice and friendly and perhaps even reasonable?:wink:

Oh good. That will be cheaper.

I think according to her last post it was going to take her 3 months to figure out how to file her taxes. Maybe it was requiring extreme focus as well. Too many Airbnbs I guess.

I wonder how many she has.

I think she has at least 1.

I stumbled on a forgotten topic called Reg and Michele. It got my creative writing juices flowing. I think she is heartbroken/furious that Reg is still together with his wife and is moving even further away. Probably not true but I find it amusing to dream up different scenarios. There is some undercurrent in her post that speaks of a deep and hidden desire. But then probably not.

Remember that post about Oklahoma being on the way to Colombia from Vancouver. And he decided to visit his family in Toronto instead. devastating. He’s a heartbreaker.

I would have gone to Toronto to drink some maple syrup before I’d go to Oklahoma to watch college football too and I have no family there.

I like the way your brain thinks Will.

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Indeed he is. And poor Michele clinging to hope as she would cling to a log going over Niagara Falls


Sorry. I can’t stop crying.

Wow, can I get you to record that in live mode?Something I can play for Hubby so he doesn’t have to spend so much time reading garbage.

maybe we could do a podcast.

It’s important to know Reg is moving further away in order to be devastated by it and I don’t know why you think I’m heartbroken or furious over his wife unless you didn’t take your medication today. I’m thrilled he has found someone who can tolerate his insane liberal views.

Could you please find the post because this post implies he had plans to fly to Oklahoma. A person unfamiliar with that post might get the wrong idea.

Sorry, I thought you were doing taxes. And I’m watching Bill Mahr.

Thank you so much! Taking it now.

I really do love that line. Yes Michelle, I have chronic clinical depression. I didn’t ask for it, it was gifted to me. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. People have been taking that cheap shot at me for years. I take an anti-depressant that must be constantly adjusted to be effective. It’s a pain in the ass but I don’t have much choice other than eating my pistol. So take your shot. At least I won’t be taking my last one.

I’m so sorry, Will. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your visits here more pleasant.

I really don’t think you would.

i didnt expect the reasonable to work out but you could try a bit harder on the nice and friendly…