I don’t remember her. So many characters came and went. Easy to forget that each one had a human life behind it.

Yeah but what do you think about him?

You must have a way of making people feel unwelcome.


I think it’s interesting how you devolve.


do you hear a whistling sound Reg?

Deflecting much? He’s melted down twice now because you changed his topic titles.

Yeah, did you hear that Reg? It may be Willy Cat calling your wife.

Maybe he’s too sensitive for this place.

I’m monitoring language.

Maybe you should stop coming here so often. Maybe he will return and bless us with his presence.

yeah good luck with that whistling mother

Tanks, balbag.

now it’s more of a flapping sound

wind musta picked up

you could be a natural tornado warning siren eh?

Yay way I see you heading for the gutter.

i do love the gutter

Moma always said if you raise your cllhild up in the way they should go, they will not depart from it when they are old. You can thank your moma for excellent guidance.