I don’t understand why you don’t kick lowerre out of here. The spam is reason enough.

I hate kicking people out. I will if I have to but I’ll be slow about it. I don’t feel bad at all about silencing him. Unlike Nico, I don’t equate freedom of speech with freedom to vandalize.

he’s a self-centered asshole who is willing to ruin it for everyone.

Not just willing. Trying to ruin it for everyone. That is his current goal. I will try to salvage it and almost certainly fail.

You can’t keep him out?

No, no. I can keep him out. I am saying I’ll likely fail to salvage the situation. I am trying to convince him to behave like a human. It’s hopeless but I’m trying.

I wouldn’t bother.

Let me know when he’s gone and I’ll be back.

He’s gone for 24 hours. We’ll see how he behaves when he’s back.


He’s not back yet. Try again tomorrow.

I think it would be good for his mental health to stay away for a few days/weeks/months. His call, however. His 24 hour post-ban is over.

Have you tried looking upon him as human?

I don’t believe anyone could rationally claim I haven’t treated him like a human.

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Has he considered acting like a human?

I don’t care if he comes back or not.

I’m not sure this place is good for him. He takes stuff too seriously. Kyaela used to as well. She would have BBAD drama and miss work over it because she was so upset. Bill gets triggered by many things including changing topic titles. Anyway, his 24 hour post-ban is up. He can come back or stay away as he chooses, now.

I thought it was interesting (at first) to see someone from the old days. Then it sort of devolved. Then it devolved.

Who was that girl that lived in Las Vegas? I think she married Longfellow.

She liked sexy designer shoes.