Life is good

Like a Roman spa?

Nice work Dan.

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Thx Will. I’ll keep posted if anything catastrophic happens.

Not to mention rollers and a toothpick.

I can only confirm I’m changing.

I see you pounding violently at a table with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other.

Mud boots. I’m wearing mud boots. I just slopped the pigs.

Nonsense! I don’t know what a clinker is and Dusty would wait until Rapture as long as I don’t make him late.

Ewwww. Toe jam. Nasty!

Riveting! I look forward to page two.

I would wait until Thursday to work on it so you can get a true feel for the weather conditions.

There’s nothing quite like accomplishing a honey-do only to realize it’s time to go back to work.

Yippie. I’m going to outlive you all.

It’s not right that you not, at least, consider it. What if I talk to Reg for you.

I read a study recently that told if you work 60 or more hours a week you will live twice as long as previously believed. Just sayin’, you need to think of your health.

Maybe. I couldn’t sleep last night and was reading Truman Capote. I guess it sparked my creative writing interest. Of course all characters in my story are purely fictional.

No doubt. It was like reading from a children’s book. Really nice work.

Btw, Happy Veterans Day, Will.

Thank you.


While in Medellín I got addicted to sweet mangoes. I found some here in Vancouver. They’re just as good, too. $9 USD per mango. Seriously. I could buy fruit for a week for $9 USD in Medellín. I already miss Colombia.

Life is good. Life is good? Really? No. Life is hard, cruel, unsatisfying, a struggle. I have no satisfaction in having lived the life I lived nor any reason not to believe at my age that it is only going to get worse. It already is. I have not lived a good life but it is only apparent in hindsight.

This surprises me. Most of us find satisfaction in our lives in hindsight, even though it was hard and unsatisfying living through the events at the time. Of course most of us edit out the parts that are intolerable and create memory-fictions to aggrandize the good parts, too.

That’s the part I can’t do. It’s all too vivid.

Sometimes having a bad memory is a blessing. I really enjoy our phone calls, btw. You’ve seen shit I haven’t come close to.

I too enjoy the calls Reg and appreciate talking from time to time. Still drinking and starting to feel the literary muse calling.

Funny, I just randomly ran into this article. Won’t help you today but may help others in the future.

I was supposed to go to madonna on Saturday. She is touring and her tour has gone horribly. She just cancelled all 3 shows with no makeup dates due to back pain. She had already cancelled Jersey.

It was originally an 830 show, but the start time was moved to 1030. She doesn’t show up until 11, and the doors open at 730 with no opener. Once you enter, you need to place your phone in a lockbox and bring the box to your seat. Once the show is over, the box opens up. She is being sued in vegas for starting after midnight. I’m wondering if this is a fake injury and she is worried about more lawsuits. She seems like a rotten person, so I’m glad we are not going now. Was going with my friends I went to Costa rica with and 1 of them had already bailed before it was cancelled. Felt bad for the workers at the wang theater. They were probably not looking forward to this weekend.

Madonna is famous for having sex with men who had large penises. Years of that could give you back pain.

I like most trappings of modern life, but movies and rock/pop concerts are generally torture.

I went to some huge concerts in the sixties but there is no one I would suffer through those crowds to see now.