Learn German!

trump is going whether he concedes or not.

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I doin’t care if trump concedes. He is a loser and he is gone.

I prefer that he doesn’t concede. Just shows how little class he has.

Trump ist going

Going to stay for 8 more years or I will loose my mind!!! We cannot have senile BLM types and Soros Controlled Merkel at once. This is too much!!

trump is gone forever.

Do we still have a German American President?

Oh never mind.

Drachnelörd - Kaggduschne (crapping while having a shower)

Drachnelörd - Play Buttnöööö

(Dancing Katze @1:23 !!!)

This was fun.

May I ask what you found so fun in those three women? I could barely understand them.

Really? I thought their English was charming. They were all very Euro-elegant, too. Beautiful women. Anyway, I found it interesting to compare the various forms of German.

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