John Brennon

What a bad man is he.

This man caused a fallacious investigation to be opened against a presidential candidate using erroneous information as evidence.

John Brennon told a lie about Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova to the FBI. John Brennon is a troublemaker.

So you ran away from the last topic to start more BS?

The last topic was BS.

Not at all. You just couldn’t justify your position.

I have no need to justify anything.

Ok, I’m leaving the playground.

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Im not surprised. You never did play well with others.

What a complete jackass!

I can’t debate with a block of wood. When you make outrageous statements you DO need to justify it, not run away or change the subject. That is just cowardice.

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I’m sick of your outrageous accusations against Trump. He has been under a microscope since 2016. Without even a shred of evidence of collusion or any criminal activity. On the other hand, there is a mountain of court records, interviews and testimonies to corroborate Spygate.

Once again you misdirect and obfuscate. goodnight to you.

Goodnight, Will. Lub, lub, lub.