Is Trump getting any?

Not from Melania. Michele?

They apparently have separate bedrooms. I dislike Melania. It’s tempting to be sympathetic but the fact is she has chosen to be first concubine to this pig and she can go straight to hell with him as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah. He bought her and she closed the deal. I wonder if the secret service is assigned to mushroom duty.

SHOCK !!! LANGUAGE!!! This is an educated forum AFAIK.

You are being very anti-semitic towards our president.

I will mark this thread as offensive!!

How is that anti-semitic? He’s not your president.

AntiMarxist, I believe you must be an incel. Am I right?

Antisemitic? Daniel, do you think Trump is a Jew?

Daniel, where have you gone? Is it possible that in addition to being an incel you are also a cuck-cuck-cuckaroooo? Should I call you Danielle?

I am just using the buzz words leftist missuse left and right when an idol of theirs is being targeted. Besides, isn’t he a total zionist and half of his family bowing to the kikes?
(It still doesn’t deminish his tight border and America first policies and overall great archivements, but I just wanted to use this buzz word I disrespect so much ONE time myself).

After viewing some documentation about mount Athos in Greece, the monk state, and some videos of brother Nathanael, the former jewish, now russian-orthodox monk with unusual attitudes, I am actually not that opposed to this idea anymore. Volcel that is! Becoming a monk is kind of MGTOW in some crazy way…

I picture you more of an incel. Sorry for you. I suppose at some point an incel might as well become a volcel to save shred of dignity.

Feel free to do so.
“Pussyhunting” actually IS a big issue that, when done apart from a life within a community of believers, poses a great distraction from god and the narrow path…

So if I called you a jerkoff it wouldn’t insult you, being the truth.

I don’t think so. Becoming a true volcel is counting the cost.

What is a jerkoff? I know how to jerk off. I think “jerkoff” is a slur whereas celibatary isn’t. It can be a way of life.
The crazy thing is that some messianic groups actually believe in “mechanical relief” for single members (monk) without thoughts (if possible) to comply with god’s demand to be man of your drives.

Definition from a slang dictionary_ " * The definition of a jerk-off is slang for someone who is obnoxious or annoying.

I am pretty sure it has become a way of life for you.

I like myself. I would never consider myself as such.
Celibacy is a whole different topic.
I got to see the Athos movie and maybe even visit!!!
It is a male-only Island in greece with broad sovereignity (steming from the Byzantine Empire!!!). No women allowed (EU is nashing their equality teeth about this fact).
It’s only a few hours away!!!

Would you like to live in a society without women?

Do you know the motto of the Greek army? “Never leave your buddies behind”.

Yes, of course. IF celebacy THEN without women visible. Keeps one focussed pretty much.
(if not then of course not).
I would also support such islands exclusively for women if they wished so…