IOT - Internut of things

I bought one of these little fuckers at a special offer.


Basically an Wifi-enhanced Arduino.

I already managed to connect it to my wifi and run the sample code. My aim is to automatically switch on the LED (later the relais with the FOSCAM power supply connected) to enable to FOSCAM when pinging my smartphone with the Pretzel fails for some minutes (“away from home”)

I tend to begin and then never finish projects however…

I will share some tech work I did and disappointment and depression.

keep up the fight!

To sum it up the best I can. I never owned a piece of tech that i had cracked the screen. I had an ipod nano 7. my favorite piece of tech that one day after a light drop had some lines on the lcd, no crack. It was viewable for still some time, but this piece of tech always got me bad looks from other people and it apparently had some “special function” or effect that other same gadgets didn’t when I used it. To sum it up I bought a repair kit and I did repair it functionally however it was just not seated right. With small adjustments I eventually gave up as it no longer would respond to touch. It would help if I had a practice model to work on first, and I did learn a lot about how to open something up keeping things in place and not damging delicate circuitry. I was not impressed with it after opening it. It was like a neat metal case for a dissected honey bee, a packet of top ramen flavor, and a piece of kelp with honey stuck everywhere. I literallyused to feel like their was a razor blade behind my eyeball when I would view movies on it. It is discontinued and was at the time of the repair. Here are some pics and I think I will probably dispose of it now at an electronics disposal.

I wonder now if I ever needed it in the first place.



The only interface I had was with itunes. I could adjust settings and do a factory reset but really no coding, but I thought I saw some apple coding somewhere though I don’t have an apple computer. But the weirdest thing was the eerie 3 dots like the Predator shoulder canon when you replace the screen and first boot up. It goes away but I really felt so owned when it first showed up and even doubted the source of it.
But death has come and all I have is this little mussel/oyster shell of a clip holder I never got to use, so tempted to buy another just to fit in it, but I have no other thinking.

You know I did a lot of work with IC chips in my early electronic learning days. Maybe I will by a Snap Circuits set just as a refresher. I did write programs on a TRS-80.

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